Rolf Structural Integration 10-Session Special

$1,350.00 $750.00

Rolf Structural Integration Case Study Special – 10 series.



Have you always wanted to try Rolf Structural Integration? 

Curious how’s it’s different from Massage, Chiropractic and etc? 

Wonder if it can help you feel better, get rid of nagging injuries and improve overall health, well-being and performance? 

Here is your chance to do the entire Rolf Structural Integration Series at a valuable discount and experience how amazing this work is and how it can help you! 

We are doing a Rolf Structural Integration Case Study!

We are conducting a case study on the efficacy of the Rolf Structural Integration 10-Series.   We will be documenting client feedback, observed results and analysis of before and after each session.   We will ask clients to consent to before/after pictures of their structures, for evaluation and educational purposes only.
We’re looking for 10-15 people that would like to experience the entire “classic 10 series” of Rolf Structural Integration, it’s benefits and be part of this study.
We’re offering the entire Rolf Structural Integration 10 series for $750, which is highly discounted from the normal $1350 cost.    We’re only offering this discount for this case study and because of the requirements that we will ask of anyone participating, in terms of committing to the sessions, offering feedback, flexibility of sessions and etc.
Once we get these 10-15 people, then we will close this offer.    If you’re interested in participating, then please let us know ASAP!
If you have any questions about this special, Rolf Structural Integration, our practice or etc, please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Thank you,

Scott & Carolyn


Aligned Body Integration


Fine print: One package per customer.  You can purchase an additional package for a partner, family member, friend or etc, but they must agree to the terms.

This offer cannot be used with any other offers, sessions or purposes.